Last Day On Earth Survival 1.12 Mod Apk


Last Day On Earth Survival 1.12 Mod Apk

Last Day On Earth Survival V1.12 Mod ApkIn the world’s most populous themes, the most popular is the fight against zombies. Perhaps their attention is to be separated from the possibility that a person may be attached to himself. However, the general approaches that you can still see in all the zombie people think. The crowd, constantly, anxiety and all the thin organisms can be affected. It meets a stringent enemy facility for the year in the row. It seems that it has become a brand picture to develop developers freely.

A difficult survival game

Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod Apk is an idea game from this theme certainly known well in the gaming community. That is why Game players are interested in the subject that everyone knows. Today, the brand has acquired over 50 million downloaded downloads worldwide for Android users. Recently, with regular updates, it continues to run actively.

zombie pandemonium

First of all, talk about the last day on Survival Mod Apk Obviously, when the world who is listening to this topic thinks zombie-filled, your life will be constantly threatened. Players will have to find a way to run or fight, nor will they let them turn into this crazy charming. Choose yourself and make your own picture. In addition…when entering the game, there will be a number of costumes for players to choose from. Make your character in the game as you and do not forget that the goods have their own power.

Build and fight

Analog Justice and Operation Button on the screen. Thereafter survive in this unusual world, build a small house, a few sources of transportation and weapons. The goods can be found in the war to fight and to survive, and you can craft them even in their list. Even if you have heavy equipment, do not forget to eat the bag and drink. In this new event, you will be allowed to break into a police station and those missing. Kill them and follow the tasks that they get a new prize.

What’s New

  • Party
Hello to everyone who’s tired of smashing zombies and are craving for a real hot party! Very soon Last Day on Earth will check its second anniversary off the list, meaning that it’s time to have some hella fun. In this update, we’ve prepared for you a ton of entertaining activities with presents to celebrate our birthday. But it’s not just about that. By the way, smashing zombies is not going away, but one thing at a time.

  • Focus
The major focus was certainly set on the anniversary of Last Day on Earth and the main part of this update features is revolved around the coming celebration. Especially for that, we’ll add a new location called “Party bus” where our party will take place. Prepare to meet good old characters, which will also come over to hang out. And, of course, what a party without drinks, making which is possible by using a special workbench. You can stand your friends drinks, treat other location dwellers with them to complete some quests, or drink up yourself. But we’re warning you – the consequences of that are unpredictable!

  • Quest
Speaking of quests! As it usually goes on holidays, various occasions happen at places of mass gathering, which will require your direct involvement. Our new event is no exception: each guest of Partybus will get a chance to carry out different tasks of local dwellers during the week. Expect entertainments fitting every taste – from a drunk scuffle to meeting never-before-seen monsters. And, of course, we couldn’t forget to prepare unique rewards for completing the tasks. To top it all up, by the end of the celebratory events expect… well, let’s not jump ahead, nobody likes spoilers anyway.

  • New Location
However, the update is not going to be just about chilling at the new location. You like doggies, don’t you? Then we have something else for you. Since the New Year event you’ve been asking us about them, and this time another dream is going to come true, as we’re adding fluffy huskies! These sweeties will be waiting for you in winter locations (duh), and also at the location with humanitarian aid boxes. But if you’re already planning to breed huskies, please note that they can breed only with each other. Welcome to Cynology Fun club.

  • Thank Their Users
And finally, they’d like to express our warmest gratitude to those who’ve been with us these two years. Without your boundless support, kind words and constructive feedback our journey would be much more difficult. There are still lots of exciting things that lie ahead, and we’re sure that the army of survivors is strong enough to make it through even the most terrifying zombie apocalypse. And now, it’s time to celebrate a common birthday! See ya!

Mod Info

  • Free Crafting
  • Magic Split
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Max Durability
  • & Much More.
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