Bullet Force 1.59 Mod ApkThe current FPS games are extremely large because already the higher quality products need to play. Role roller since the war became known. “Bullet force” is a product in which the shooting game adds height to the village when it has earned over 10 million downloads on the Google Play server. In addition, the game’s ability is very light with only 72MB. But, really, it’s just the client’s ability, and when you install the game, it will be outputted 528 MB. This setting is not very difficult to make sure compared to medium-sized mobile devices.

High-Speed Multiplayer FPS

In exchange for such massive sports capabilities, the player will get a product that will contain realistic maps and live characters. When participating in the original game, players will find that it has a lot of customization in terms of impressive beauty and aspects of beauty. It can be said that it has got the quality rating in the top FPS games in Android.

Awesome matches

It allows the “Bullet Forces” to take part in online matches and can not be paid online when there is no Internet connection. But if you join any mode, it will offer a fast match. In real time, with the war, players will have to make the most powerful force of the controller.
In “Built-in force” a match will be in PVP multiplayer mode where 20 people will join the map and fight each other. Try to set up strong students and make it effective when collaborating with your teams. Winning one means the team wins, you can not stand alone. But the fact is that you will be stronger than your opponent. So hesitate to use passive weapons (gun, pistols, AK-47, attack rifles, …).

Bullet Force 

Nature is highly recommended for this game, so try your best to destroy the opponent and still maintain your strong energy. Because the opponent is also a partner, if you spend a lot of resources about killing a person, you will probably reply again soon. Parallel with exciting matches, often players will have to complete the creative team’s tasks. These missions will apply to the applications as long as many diagnostics will be awarded. In addition, you can get the title of the best pilot. Also, do not hesitate to join a tribe. That’s why players will be many friends to help overcome difficult tasks.


There are four modes in the game: Team squirt, victory, all for free and gun games, but four are fighting against other players. Perhaps we are waiting for survival or zombie mode?
The game can be played online or offline. For offline mode, players will perform various tasks and bomb against them.
There are more than 30 different types of guns, coaches, bullet hats, grand, and mile accessories.
The game’s graphics are very realistic; this is a trade-off according to game size.


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